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Our Drone Program covers the essential topics of drone technology over a 6 lesson program design. Topics include forces of flight, types of drones, drone safety, basic flight skills, drone design and assembly. Each of these topics include investigation via hands-on learning, research, inquiry based investigation, and rigorous lesson objectives.  

You'll receive a guided implementation procedure and all necessary materials and supplies to support 10 students through our program.  Our turnkey solution means that you can adapt our curriculum to best fit the needs of your students.  

As the first comprehensive drone curriculum available, you'll be on the cutting-edge of programming - giving your students an experience they couldn't receive anywhere else in the world!  

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The benefits of the drone program


Our STEM-based curriculum has been designed with the learner in mind.  Students will have the chance to use technology developed by industry experts and utilized in the field today. 


Students at Soaring Sky Academy build drones from the ground up.  From the moment they step into our classroom, students will engage with dynamic learning activities.  Whether they're learning the forces of flight, or piloting a drone, the fun never ends. 


Our program prepares students for careers in a growing industry.  Commercial drone operations are expected to skyrocket in the next five years. Middle and High School students will be graduating in this timespan.  Upon completion of our course, students are ready to soar.